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We handle the installation of the latest and the most cutting-edge electric elevators and escalators, using state-of-the-art machines and the most up-to-date techniques, with internationally certified equipment that meet the strictest European standards, through highly skilled architects and technicians.

We stand out thanks to our after sales service and our full warranty on all elevators and escalators from the date of delivery to the customer, in addition to our periodic maintenance services performed by a highly trained staff year round, even on Sundays and holidays, not to mention insuring our elevators with the most prominent insurance companies and with the highest value insurance policies.

Montanari Lift is a family business with an accrued experience spanning generations since 1975. We have gained a high level of experience in all aspects of this industry: from manufacturing and selling, to installing, maintaining, repairing, restoring and renovating all types of electric elevators and escalators. This has pushed us to expand our activities to cover all the Lebanese territories and to cater to all the different Arab and African countries, opening representative offices in different Gulf and African countries, in the hopes of preserving our bright history in this industry through our prosperous present with our reputable clients.

To make sure it stays ahead of the game, Montanari Lift, part of Jean Massoud Group, has established strong collaborations with major foreign agencies, such as   , for which it has become an exclusive agent. A Sino-Japanese joint venture, Fujilf is a world known brand of elevators and escalators

Our activity portfolio includes elevators, escalators, passenger conveyors, hospital elevators, freight elevators, vehicle elevators and panoramic elevators, among others.

Our business excellence, coupled with our long-standing expertise, aims at offering the best service and the safest, highest quality elevators and escalators for prices that meet the tastes and budgets of the different clients.

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